Pasang Iklan Mobil Bekas: Mercedes Benz R350 – 2008.

December 31, 2009

Judul Iklan: Mercedes Benz R350 – 2008.
| Merek: Mercedes-Benz
| Type: Mercedes-Benz R350
| Tahun: 2008
| Harga: Rp.,- (nego)
| Deskripsi: Mercedes Benz R350 – 2008.
Fitur: A/C, Radio tape, CD audio, Power window, Electric mirror, Sensor park depan + belakang, Electric seat, Sunroof, Velg racing, Triptonik, Xenon headlight, Jok kulit, Wood panel, Spion sein, Rear wiper, Fog lamp, Captain seat, Setir multi fungsi, Vkool, STNK Januari 2010.
| Nama: Kiko Auto Gallery
| Alamat: Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No.34,
Jakarta Selatan.
| Kota: jak-sel
| No Telf / HP: 021-725.4200
| Email:
ID: 4khw4t

Visitor Ip:


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